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Coconut milk Hot chocolate and raspberry

Quick and easy idea for the holiday season. It got the color of the season; kids and adult could not resist the smell of cocoa powder not to mention the color of fresh organic raspberries.


Gluten-free, Dairy-free Pumpkin Pie

Why not enjoy a delicious pumpkin pie whether it is during pumpkin season or any time.
This quick and easy recipe is here to help you with your pumpkin pie craving. Whether you are lactose intolerant or on a gluten free diet, this pie is for you to enjoy


Raspberry coconut Orange gelatin dessert cup

Snack time with this quick and easy coconut water, orange and raspberry gelatin.


Raspberry and blueberry popsicle

Popsicles are healthy treats for all ages in summer time. This recipe does not need water or sugar to be added to fruit.
You can enjoy yourself without feeling guilty of added sugar from store bought popsicle.


Spinach-turmeric Greek yogurt popsicle

The health benefits of Greek yogurt and spinach added to the anti-inflammatory feature of the turmeric, make this popsicle, a healthy summer treat that we can all enjoy.


Chocolate-Pap porridge with marshmallows

When your kid love chocolate, this what you come up with for a change. a maize porridge with cocoa powder. I can be a dessert or breakfast or snack, kids will love it.


Apple Arugula Kiwi Lemon Smoothie

The health benefit and the taste of this smoothie made it my number one choice of smoothie. Not too sweet, it has the sour taste of an apple and kiwi. This green smoothie is a great afternoon snack when you just got home or after your afternoon run.


Easy Chocolate Flan Cake

This recipe flan cake doesn’t need the extra fat of cream cheese. It also calls for the use of box chocolate cake mix for easy making and time saving.

fruit tart Fruits-Tarte

Easy Fruit Tart Recipe

This recipe call for using a premade pastry shell for time saving. The filling is also quick and easy to make. The final result is tasty and very beautiful.


Simple Easy Crêpes Recipe

Savory crêpes on your breakfast table for dessert or snack

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