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Roasted Peanut Snack Bar (Nkate Cake or Louga)

This delicious Africa treats is very popular in Ghana (called nkate cake) and Togo (called Louga). It is so easy to make and it can be a real crowd pleaser. I love making this and give to my friends as a holiday treats.


Easy Chocolate Coffee Cake

A quick and easy dessert that your family and friend will enjoy.
For easy mixture and a little help in the kitchen, we are giving away a free Kitchenaid mixer!


Chocolate dessert fruity cup

A quick and easy dessert that will woah your guests.
You can use a premade chocolate cups. For easy mixture and a little help in the kitchen, we are giving away a free Kitchenaid mixer! Click on the link for a chance to win yours.


Quick Air Fryer Chicken Leg Quarters

Nothing is yummier than a juicy and flavorful AIR-FRIED chicken leg quarters. Check out this 5.8q air-fryer at https://www.yedihousewareappliances.com/ . No more worries of burning yourself with hot oil when frying, plus it is a healthy alternative. Use code SAVOUROUS for extra 15% OFF the YEDI air fryer. You will get your 5.8Q air fryer for less […]


Plain Kombucha (Fermented tea)

Fermented food is said to be good for your health. For some reason it helps curb my sugar cravings. Evidence suggests kombucha tea may offer benefits similar to probiotic supplements and helps promote healthy immune system.


Ground Pumpkin Seed Soup (Goussidessi)

This recipe is so versatile, you can cook it without meat or with chicken, beef, oxtail, bison…

This is recipe is a shorten version for a beginner

My daughter prefers having this soup with rice, for my self it will be over foufou. lol


Red, White and Blue Cake

This is a fun cake that kids will definitely enjoy. It is perfect for flag day, memorial day or independence day.

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