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Easy Instant Pot Rolled Beef Roast

An effortless roast beef for easy fathers’day dinner idea. The rolled twist brings some change to the usual roast. I hope you will enjoy it


Ahayoe or Plantain Galette

This is my all time favorite snack. I will have about ten of these everyday when I was home in Togo (West Africa). Living in the USA I will rely on family to bring me some. Now that I realized how fairly easy it is to make, I have been making it myself for years […]


KFC Style Fried Chicken

My kids love KFC fried chicken so much, and we all know how expensive these can get. Well thankfully a recipe using only black pepper, garlic, paprika, ginger and chicken bouillon was enough to satisfy these fried chicken lovers.


Keto Friendly Cheese cake

For this keto friendly cheese cake, I did not use carb. Thanks to Catalina Crunch cereal I was able to have a flour-less base. The chocolate flavor is so delightful. To try this amazing cereal, click here and use discount code SAVOU_10 to get 10% OFF your order.


Easy African Basil and pumpkin seed soup (Essroudessi)

You can make this soup with all kind of meat. I am just going meatless today, as the way it is cooked for new mother for a healthy postpartum health support. This is recipe is an version for a beginner. This holy Basil plant is scientifically called Ocimum Gratissimum


Spicy African Giant Snail with Vegetables

Snail is a delicacy and it is commonly eaten in Africa. Giant African Snail meat is so delicious and a great source of protein. The adult  weighs about 32 grams. It is important to never eat raw or under-cooked snails or ingest snail’ slime residue as it could infest human and animal with diseases. Thoroughly cleaning […]


Fettuccine Pasta Alfredo with Cream Cheese

My kids love creamy fettuccine alfredo pasta. I usually made my alfredo sauce from scratch. In case you are in a hurry, click here  for the review of the best Store-Bought Alfredo Sauce. As a busy mom who love cooking from scratch, the village-bakery  is a good reference source for cooking tips and best cooking […]

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