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Healthy Air Fry Chicken

Air Fried Chicken Leg Quarter

Avoid heating up your kitchen with your oven. Use air Fryer instead, especially in the summer. My favorite brand is the Yedi Air fryer. Use discount code ‘SAVOUROUS’ througout yedihousewareappliances website. Savourous’ Wild for Salmon seasoning is the main seasoning in this recipe.


Easy Instant Pot Rolled Beef Roast

An effortless roast beef for easy fathers’day dinner idea. The rolled twist brings some change to the usual roast. I hope you will enjoy it


Ahayoe or Plantain Galette

This is my all time favorite snack. I will have about ten of these everyday when I was home in Togo (West Africa). Living in the USA I will rely on family to bring me some. Now that I realized how fairly easy it is to make, I have been making it myself for years […]


KFC Style Fried Chicken

My kids love KFC fried chicken so much, and we all know how expensive these can get. Well thankfully a recipe using only black pepper, garlic, paprika, ginger and chicken bouillon was enough to satisfy these fried chicken lovers.


Keto Friendly Cheese cake

For this keto friendly cheese cake, I did not use carb. Thanks to Catalina Crunch cereal I was able to have a flour-less base. The chocolate flavor is so delightful. To try this amazing cereal, click here and use discount code SAVOU_10 to get 10% OFF your order.


Easy African Basil and pumpkin seed soup (Essroudessi)

You can make this soup with all kind of meat. I am just going meatless today, as the way it is cooked for new mother for a healthy postpartum health support. This is recipe is an version for a beginner. This holy Basil plant is scientifically called Ocimum Gratissimum


Spicy African Giant Snail with Vegetables

Snail is a delicacy and it is commonly eaten in Africa. Giant African Snail meat is so delicious and a great source of protein. The adult  weighs about 32 grams. It is important to never eat raw or under-cooked snails or ingest snail’ slime residue as it could infest human and animal with diseases. Thoroughly cleaning […]

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