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Raspberry Chicken Wings

These wings will make you realized all you can do with your yummy raspberries. My Kids were a bit curious when I told them what I was making; once the tasted the finished products, the plate was empty in minutes. I know this is a winner for my upcoming gathering with friends and family. I hope you will try this and enjoy it like we did.


Yam Stew/Ragout with coconut milk and turmeric

A delicious food my mom used to make us when we were little. I recently introduced this to my kids and added the coconut milk and turmeric twist to it 🙂 It is great for cold weather especially with the added benefit of turmeric. I hope you will enjoy this like I did.


Brussels Sprout and Shrimp sauteed

A quick a easy dinner for when you are too tired, but you do not want any junk food


Red snapper and tomatoe fish soup (Lanmoumou dessi)

A taste of my grandma’s cooking with fresh and natural ingredients. My west African culinary flair that my kids appreciate a lot.


Stuffed mushrooms (champignons Farcis)

Stuffed mushrooms are great appetizer for all, especially if you like mushrooms. This recipe is my son’s favorite.


Lemon Paprika chicken

Oven cooked paprika, ginger, garlic chicken, a quick dinner idea you will definitely enjoy


Curry Fried Rice with peas and corn (no soy sauce)

This fried rice is so simple and since I am not fun of soy sauce, I did not put any in it. It is so tasty and perfect for the color I was going for, which is yellow and green. I always use gluten free rice to accommodate everybody


Chopped Kale in tomatoes stewed

This Kale recipe is a great option vegetarian, vegan. It is a healthy option for everybody. It is a quick dinner/lunch idea for your busy lifestyle.


Chicken Wings with hot sauce

It is hard not to eat the entire chicken wing plate once you tasted one piece.
So yummy you can’t resist!


Jollof Rice or Riz au Gras

This Jollof rice is so savory. It can be eaten with almost everything : Salad, grilled/fried/baked meat, spicy sauce or plain

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