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Coconut milk Hot chocolate and raspberry

Quick and easy idea for the holiday season. It got the color of the season; kids and adult could not resist the smell of cocoa powder not to mention the color of fresh organic raspberries.


Yam Stew/Ragout with coconut milk and turmeric

A delicious food my mom used to make us when we were little. I recently introduced this to my kids and added the coconut milk and turmeric twist to it 🙂 It is great for cold weather especially with the added benefit of turmeric. I hope you will enjoy this like I did.


Gluten-free, Dairy-free Pumpkin Pie

Why not enjoy a delicious pumpkin pie whether it is during pumpkin season or any time.
This quick and easy recipe is here to help you with your pumpkin pie craving. Whether you are lactose intolerant or on a gluten free diet, this pie is for you to enjoy


Turmeric tea (thé de curcuma)

A hot turmeric tea is perfect for this weather. Do you know that, it is said that communities who uses turmeric on a daily basis have the lowest rate of Alzheimer’s disease?
Supposedly, Turmeric has anti cancer benefits and it is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

-le thé curcuma, avec ses apparents propriétés anti inflammatoires et anti cancérigenes.—

You can add lemon or ginger to your turmeric tea. While using the powdered turmeric is more convenient,a freshly grated turmeric is more flavorful.


Beans Beignets Recipe (also called Gaou, Gawu, Niebe or Ankara)

Check out my guest post at regarding this
amazing beans beignets, that reminds me of my childhood treats from the elementary school cafeteria.


Red snapper and tomatoe fish soup (Lanmoumou dessi)

A taste of my grandma’s cooking with fresh and natural ingredients. My west African culinary flair that my kids appreciate a lot.


Raspberry and blueberry popsicle

Popsicles are healthy treats for all ages in summer time. This recipe does not need water or sugar to be added to fruit.
You can enjoy yourself without feeling guilty of added sugar from store bought popsicle.


Sweet Snacks with Coconut milk and coconut flakes (Atchomon, chin-chin, merveilles)

One of the popular sweet snack in West part of Africa, Cameroon and Jamaica. Size varies for this snack, and the dough also varies per cooks, but the taste is almost the same. Some people call this chin-chin, atchomon, zobo, Jamaica or merveilles, my kids say “sweet snacks”, as they are sweet and yummy.


Lemon Paprika chicken

Oven cooked paprika, ginger, garlic chicken, a quick dinner idea you will definitely enjoy


Curry Fried Rice with peas and corn (no soy sauce)

This fried rice is so simple and since I am not fun of soy sauce, I did not put any in it. It is so tasty and perfect for the color I was going for, which is yellow and green. I always use gluten free rice to accommodate everybody

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